is the new direction for contemporary art, a box for cars turning into a box for art, a tiny gallery overlooking via Tortona, a big enlightened window, a small place connecting artists and passers-by, in Zona Tortona in Milan. Each month it changes identity presenting an art installation or a mini-exhibition by a different artist and curator on site. Art-box is also a virtual space presenting, just on line, small “boxes” dedicated to interesting and innovative selected artists in order to put in contact art and users without any geographical or temporal bounds.

22/12/2017    on site


A 1 year long installation to celebrate 90 years of Flavio Lucchini and 30 years of his artistic career in contemporary art.

In the nearby MyOwnGallery, each month a new theme, a new subheading, a new exhibition dedicated to the artist.

28/09/2017    on site


A little sophisticated exhibition of drawings by Fabrizio Sclavi, is back on show in from 2 to 31 October, where colorful ceramics and glasses by Ettore Sottsass oat in calm and luminous water. Superstudio’s tribute to the great architect, an unforgettable friend of the Lucchini-Borioli couple, who often collaborated with their initiatives. At the same time, presentation of the biographical book of Fabrizio Sclavi, journalist, fashion expert, illustrator, and more memories. An initiative in line with the “Ettore Sottsass There is a Planet” project by Barbara Radice at the Triennale of Milan from 15 September until 11 March 2018.

04/04/2017    on site


For the Milan Design Week, the of Superstudio offers a glimpse of Superdesign Show with art and design objects that represent the theme of color chosen for the 2017 edition: table by Gianni Arnaudo for Slide, cermanics by Dorota Koziara for Manufaktura, silicon vases by Alessandro Ciffo, Chiavarina chairs by F.lli Levaggi, table by Letizia Marino and works by Flavio Lucchini.

09/02/2017    on site

Affordable selection - Flavio Lucchini

In the occasion of the Affordable Art Fair, from February 9 Superstudio's hosts two artworks by Flavio Lucchini from his series of Icons, contemporary icons in digital art work between reality and imagination. With My Angel and The Paradise Exists, the artist chooses as subject Monica Bellucci.

21/12/2016    on site

GOLD - Flavio Lucchini

During the holidays, is colored in GOLD with the exhibition of 5 impressive golden and gold-foil sculptures created by Flavio Lucchini. As part of the artist's GOLD collection, these works represent dresses as small divinities, ironic witnesses of human weaknesses, maquette sculptures thought also for large dimensions.

03/11/2016    on site

The purposes of place - Maria Cristina Carlini

"The purposes of place", Maria Cristina Carlini's exhbition, curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, continues in the The artist reflects her love for the earth, for nature, for man and its history in a continuous experimentation of different materials, combining past and present in a dimension that transcends time.

18/10/2016    on site

Naturalia et Artificialia - ECCENTRIC

In the art-box a taste of the exhibition Naturalia et Artificialia curated by ECCENTRIC Art & Research. Further works of the twelve selected artists are displayed in the adjacent MyOwnGallery.



12/04/2016    on site

Samsung Serif TV - Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

During the Design Week at SuperDesign Show, the lights up with the Samsung's screens: an installation at the discovery of a new TV concept, symbol of the soul of design by Bouroullec brothers. 

24/07/2015    on site

ALL YOU NEED IS WHITE - Flavio Lucchini

Art.Box, the small gallery of Superstudio in via Tortona, host in its illuminated windows some art works by Flavio Lucchini, as parts of the exhibition All You Need Is White in MyOwnGallery.
White is the color that come out as a recurring feature in the work of this author, reminding to a sort of white page to fill with the emotions.
Colors are a negligible detail for many different materials that become tools to be folded into drapes, frills, textures, coils, geometric shapes or women traces to be discovered in unfinished faces or among the crowds of veiled figures. Flavio Lucchini shows how his visionary innovation and his wide and multi-faceted artistic research face the interaction between art and fashion and remove transience and frivolity from women’s apparel


For infos click HERE.

14/04/2015    on site

DOLLS/COLORFUL! - Flavio Lucchini

Fashion, art, design. That's the fil rouge, during Fuori Salone days and beyond, exceptionally SuperDesign connects with Fidenza Village, exclusive tourist destination for shopping with the best expressions of the Made in Italy. In the most "colorful" season of the year, this trend is discovered in the window where you notice the multicolor, innocent and ironic Flavio Lucchini's "Dolls" sculptures. The Lucchini's show at Superstudio continues in the art-design exposure Imagination in MyOwnGallery, the art gallery on the left of Art.Box, and follows in the streets of Fidenza Village, where other playful Dolls, and their pop colors, invite to a shopping experience with a look on contemporary art.



The exhibition continues until June 30st for Expo Milano 2015.

Flavio Lucchini

14/10/2013    on site

DOLLS - Flavio Lucchini

White resin dolls that look like being made of wrinkled up paper, fill up the's window-shops in anticipation of Flavio Lucchini's lecture on the subject of total white, during the COLORCOLORIS conference that will take place at Triennale of Milan on the 14th November.

23/09/2013    on site


Women, dancers, artists. Cardboard silhouette for the scenographic installation of Coontemporarymood.

Info on:

07/06/2013    on site

CLER, art shutters - a cura di Art Kitchen

At the, a painted rolling shutter by Pao, a preview of the exhibition open air CLER, artist's shutter, that invaded  Milan's area 6. The event carries on in MyOwnGallery, with a presentation of the project by Art Kitchen, with the support of SS Group.



24/05/2013    on site

SWEET DOLLS: SWEETNESS IN THE WINDOW - Clarissa Negri, Flavio Lucchini

Where does the fine line between creativity and art, between manual skills and vision begins and ends?
The window Sweet Dolls, set up in in conjunction with the Taste of Milan (May 30 - June 2), reveals this mystery.
In a reminder of shapes and colors, the small and sweet Dolls of Clarissa Negri, young and successful Milanese cake designer, seem miniatures of the famous Dolls by the artist Flavio Lucchini.

09/05/2013    on site


12 feminine icons transformed into sensual clowns, thanks to the photographer Gianluigi di Napoli and the masks conceived by David Larible, the most famous living clown.
On May 11-12, 2013, MIA Fair presents in MyOwnGallery the project MASKS.

For further information, visit the MyOwnGallery website EXHIBITIONS section: