07/05/2008    on site

Bon Bon Art - Flavio Lucchini

Dolls, flowers, colourful puppets reminding of the famous American sweets Marshmallows. This is the new surprising inspiration of Flavio Lucchini, delighting the people passing-by with an evocative installation in the window-gallery art.box.

Until 30th June.

“Who does not know the ‘Fruit Flavoured Marshmallows’?
It’s enough to remind them to someone who has a smattering of English and suddenly a smile appears and the eyes enlighten. Sweet childhood and naïve sweets, cooked simply, set one serene and in a good mood. The marshmallows, bon-bons with tender colours, are the American symbol of a puritan culture and of a familiar cooking.
My sculptures too aim to provoke a smile and to make our childish, romantic and positive side emerge. To see life through pink lenses. Or even better, through many pastel lenses.
A mawkish art? Yes, sweet and tender. To forget, for a while, about the disgusting things we have every day in front of our eyes.
Art has to stun, to move… well, I feel moved when I see a baby, a flower, a cake, an ice-cream. We must gather the good out of life, which can be found in the simplest things more than in the big things. I certainly appreciate also the “big emotions”, when they happen to arrive. But I enjoy every single moment, even the smallest ones. They are a lot, one only has to recognize them. I try to put them together and make a heap of them every day. Life, in this way, is a little more sweet”.

Flavio Lucchini